Burning Too Much Wood In Your Outdoor Boiler?

Burning Too Much Wood
In Your Outdoor Boiler?

Do you believe you are burning too much wood in your outdoor furnace? High wood consumption can be caused by a number of factors – but many of these can be easily resolved.

If your furnace is consuming wood, those BTUs are going somewhere.  If you think you are burning too much wood, then the question you will want to answer is Where did those BTUs go? You want that heat energy to go into your home, not somewhere else!  Let’s look at some common culprits:

1. The biggest culprit to burning too much wood is this: NO CHIMNEY EXTENSION! Chimney extensions greatly improve efficiency and cut wood consumption. This is the easiest to resolve also – just get an INSULATED chimney extension! Click here for our Chimney Extension Collections. 

Remember that chimney extensions must be properly insulated so they don’t harm your boiler! Don’t just add a section of single-wall pipe to your chimney – that will harm your boiler. Click HERE for a FREE article that explains the details - the article is entitled "Why Chimney Extensions MUST Be Insulated". 

2. We all have these Chimney Extensions on our boilers and we LOVE them! They Save Wood, and you get no smoke in your face while you work around your outdoor boiler!  
3. The wood has not been properly seasoned. If your wood is green, technically you are burning almost 40% of your wood pile just to burn off the moisture in your wood! 

4. If your wood isn't properly seasoned, you will likely have thick layers of creosote inside your boiler. You should remove those layers of creosote by tossing a creosote stick into your firebox once per week.  Get creosote sticks at OutdoorBoiler.com.

5. The next culprit is insulation at your furnace. If you will feel warmth when you touch the skin or roof of your furnace, you may need to upgrade your insulation.

6. Next, check your underground pipe for heat loss. You may want to perform a “Delta-T” test which is simply a measurement of how much heat is lost in your underground pipes. Click HERE for instructions on how to perform this easy test. If you have low quality underground pipe, we can help you fix that in the Spring.
7. Ash Maintenance – If the level of the ash in your furnace is too high, this kills the efficiency of your furnace and far too much of your heat will just go out the chimney.  

10. If your Aquastat Controller is not functioning properly, it must be replaced. Get Aquastat Controller at Outdoorboiler.com or call our technical support team for a proper diagnosis. 

11. One final thought: If your traditional model furnace has a pull rod, the normal operating position of that rod is pushed in. If you operate the boiler with it pulled out, or if the plate has become disconnected from the pull rod, most of the heat generated in your firebox will escape too quickly up the chimney and you will waste wood.

Hopefully this was helpful! We promise that if you follow these instructions that you will be able to burn wood without wasting any of the actual burn power!