Don't VOID Your Warranty - Top 10 Critical Reminders!

You are the HERO who keeps the family home warm, without killing the family budget!  This is a big responsibility - We make it easy for you.  Just follow these Top 10 Critical Reminders, and you will never void your outdoor boiler warranty:

1. Never operate boiler low on water

2. Only burn firewood.

3. Only use Authorized parts and accessories. See Emergency Prep Kit items by clicking HERE.

4. Follow proper water treatment and testing procedures. Click HERE for Authorized water treatment and submit a water sample every 12 months. Click HERE for FREE Water Testing information and instructions.

5. Follow all installation guidelines in your owners manual. Verify that your boiler is installed level, and has a grounding rod connected to the water jacket (usually a rear leg).

6. A filter must be installed to protect your boiler, your pump, and your heat exchangers. Approximately 98% of our customers have filters installed, but those who don't always call us a few years later and need to replace their failed heat exchangers and pumps. If you do not have a filter installed, click HERE, and it will save you from these expensive repairs.

7. A chimney cap is required for all outdoor boilers. This is a spark arrester, prevents downdraft, and keeps the rain out. Also, chimney extensions MUST be insulated and Authorized to prevent serious furnace damage. Click HERE for all chimney components.

8. Never operate your boiler at temps below 140 degrees F.  Install a TLV Kit to prevent this (Mandatory for all GX models). Click HERE for more information on the TLV Kit.

9. Follow periodic maintenance procedures, especially keeping ash levels to no more than 2-3 inches in your boiler. Thick layers of ash will eat through your steel.

10. Read and follow your owners manual, and Register your boiler with us at - just call (231) 861-8200 and we will take care of this for you!

Keep up the good work! With your attention to these simple items, you will be able to Turn UP Your Thermostat, Stay Warm, and SAVE Money on your heating bills for decades!

And YOU will be the Hero, and keep your family warm for decades to come!
We want you to save MORE money, spent LESS time, and be WARMER with your outdoor boiler! 

 For more details on our warranty items, call our office @ (231) 861-8200, M-F, 9AM-8PM EST.

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