Outdoor Furnace: How To Get Endless Luxurious Hot Water with the Domestic Hot Water Kit

 Outdoor Furnace: How To Get Endless Luxurious Hot Water with the Domestic Hot Water Kit

Some of our customers have had their outdoor wood burner for several years before they learn that they can produce an unlimited supply of FREE hot water from the boiler. This is NOT your fault if you were not aware of this. Your dealer just forgot to offer you this.

But YES, it is true, you can have an unlimited supply of domestic hot water from your outdoor wood furnace.  My family loves that hot water because my daughters shave their legs in the shower, and we never run out. Ever!

I particularly love it because there is no additional cost - except for maybe a log or two. Hehe, I love enjoying this luxury for such a low cost. Don't we all!

And you NEVER have to worry about any outdoor wood boiler water coming out your kitchen sink faucet or showerhead. The heat exchanger just transfers the heat from the outdoor boiler water to your domestic water without any water molecules touching. Awesome!

The Domestic Hot Water Kit contains all the fittings and parts needed to make this improvement to your system. If you currently have piping that is not PEX tubing, just let us know so we can include two adapters. This kit also comes complete with simple installation instructions.

An important part of the kit is a mixing valve that protects anyone from getting scalded by water that is too hot. Almost all locations have codes that require this safety feature so it is included as standard in the Kit.

So if you weren't aware that you could have endless hot water with your outdoor boiler, take advantage of our Kit design which greatly simplifies adding this luxury to your home!

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