Outdoor Boiler Best Jokes - Part 1

Top 10 Best Laughs
Outdoor Boiler Best Jokes - Part 1

Is owning an outdoor boiler good for your health? Absolutely! Many customers report that they have lost a lot of weight because of owning an outdoor boiler.  Now THAT is a bonus!

Laughing is also GREAT for your health!  Since each newsletter has a great joke or video at the end, 
just click on each of the following links below, and scroll to the bottom of each newsletter and enjoy EPIC LAUGHS! 

Keep this around for whenever you need a good laugh. Share it with friends! Laughing and staying healthy will never go out of style.

Instructions: 1. Click on each link, 2. Scroll to joke at bottom, 3. Laugh your guts out!

#10 - Madonna Jokes
#9 - Lawyer Jokes
#8 - Explosives at School
#7 - December 2016

#6 - Secret Killer
#5 - Lawyer Jokes (MORE!)
#4 - Just Jokes
#3 - 2016 Joke of The Year
#2 - Outdoor Boiler CEO Joke

#1 - January 2017 - An All-Time Favorite

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