Outdoor Boiler Best Jokes - Part 2

Top 10 Best Laughs
Outdoor Boiler Humor Best Jokes - Part 2


We LOVE to have FUN, and laugh our guts out.  This weekend, find a time to sit down and just laugh, and share this with your friends!

Every Outdoor Boiler newsletter contains a great joke or funny video. Below you will find a "Best Of" collection of these great laughs.

1. Click on each link, 2. Scroll to joke at bottom, 3. Laugh yourself silly!

#10 - Signs Found in Foreign Countries
#9 - The Joke's On Us, Guys 
#8 - Fish with No Eyes? 
#7 - Genie in a Bottle 
#6 - Fish Lose Their Appetite 
#5 - Ted Nugent's View of Government 
#4 - Fishing Bloopers 
#3 - Chinese Buffet
#2 - Golf Goofs
#1 - Email From Down South 

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