The Passing of our Friend Jimmy


Our dear friend Jimmy Brondstetter passed away Thursday morning March 7, 2019 in his sleep. He died of natural causes, but he had had back surgery a few days earlier and so that was certainly a factor.

 Jimmy has worked for Bruce and me since 2008. He was a very hard working man who we could rely on always. He once almost literally worked himself to death - he got sick, but kept working so hard that he got pneumonia. Unsure of whether he should be alone, he came to my home, and then realized he should be worried for his life. Fortunately, a doctor friend rushed to his side and got his treatment started and saved his life.

Jimmy was never shy about speaking with anyone, or sharing his ideas. He was a great leader who could bring good people and good ideas together. Bruce always loved Jimmy's wisdom, confidence and bravery - many people don't have the bravery to speak their minds, and even more people don't have the wisdom to refrain from speaking when it is better to remain silent.

Jimmy was always learning. He was always reading books and getting materials from the library to learn from. He learned complicated new computer programs that we used at our company, and once jokingly said to me "See, old dogs can learn new tricks!"

We struggled through hard times together, and yet Jimmy remained steady and mellow - his sense of calm had a contagious impact on others around him. We had so many good laughs together and I will never forget hearing his laugh. I wish I could hear it now.

Bruce and I will both deeply miss Jimmy - we will miss the warmth of his friendship, and kindness in his smile. He was a great teammate and a wonderful friend. Godspeed, Jimmy!

Jimmy leaves behind a sweet little 2 1/2 year old daughter named Lucy. This sweet adorable little girl has been wandering around the house since his passing asking where her daddy is. This poor little angel will never know her dad for the great man that he was. We have set up an educational fund for little Lucy and anyone who wishes may donate $10 for her education by clicking here. Unlike most charities, fully 100% of proceeds will go directly to little Lucy!

All the best,