Outdoor Boiler Water to Air Heat Exchanger – Dura Max 20x20

Outdoor Boiler Water to Air Heat Exchanger – Dura Max 20x20

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Due to historic high demand, heat exchangers are in short supply. This size heat exchanger 20x20 is out of stock, but commonly used replacement sizes are as follows:

Dura Max 18x18129,600 BTU

Dura Max 19x20152,000 BTU

Dura Max 24x24 - 230,400 BTU




Heat Exchanger - The Dura Max Water to Air Heat Exchanger is the best value/highest quality heat exchanger available.  It is manufactured for long-lasting durability with quality aluminum fins and seamless copper tubes.  The Dura Max transfers heat efficiently and effectively from ANY brand boiler, or outdoor wood furnace.

Size - The Dura Max water to air heat exchanger is ideal for interfacing an outdoor wood furnace with a single building (home) forced air heating system.  Match the dimension to the size of the plenum. 

This Dura Max is most commonly used in conjuction with an outdoor wood boiler to transfer heat into your existing forced air system. It can also be used with any other source of hot water such as a boiler to create hot air. This exchanger is for use with ANY brand outdoor wood stove. Feel free to contact Outdoor Boiler Care with any questions you may have regarding our quality Dura Max Heat Exchangers.

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