• GX-30 Outdoor Wood Boiler

GX-30 Outdoor Wood Boiler


A GX Series furnace is designed to maximize efficiency and minimize the amount of fuel used. We use the 12-hour BTU output as our primary metric because you should never have to fill your furnace more than twice per day. Your dealer can help you select the unit that best meets your specific needs based on the number of buildings you would like to heat, whether you will be heating domestic hot water, and whether you wish to heat a secondary building, pool, or hot tub.

Technical Details

Heat Output
Max BTU Output Rating    248,000
8-hr. BTU Output Rating   104,000
12-hr. BTU Output Rating 117,000

Size and Dimensions
Furnace Dim. (ft)               8.5' H x 5.4' W x 8.1' L
Footprint (ft)                      4' W x 4.75' L
Firebox Dim. (ft)                2.5' H x 2.5' W x 3.75' D
Firebox Volume                 23.4 ft3
Water Jacket Capacity       351 gal
Dry Weight                         3,789 lbs