• HE-2100 Outdoor Wood Boiler

HE-2100 Outdoor Wood Boiler

$8,895 $10,595

The Hawken HE-2100 is one of the best selling outdoor boilers of all time. It will heat normally up to two buildings (assuming good insulation, 8-ft ceilings, and up to 10,000 sf). Made of Structural Plate Steel, the HE-2100 is built to last. It comes with a 20-year warranty, but with proper maintenance, it should last more than 40 years!

Technical Details

Heat Output

Max BTU Output Rating     358,000
12-hr. BTU Output Rating   120,000

Size and Dimensions

Furnace Dim. (ft)                 7.8' H x 4.75' W x 8.3' L
Footprint (ft)                        5' W x 5.1' L
Firebox Dim. (ft)                  3.5' W (dia) x 4' L
Firebox Volume                   14.0 ft3
Door Opening (ft)                2' H x 2.1' W
Water Jacket Capacity         368 gal
Dry Weight                           2,900 lbs