Outdoor Boiler Firebox Door - HE2100

$595 $745

This product is the OEM Firebox Door for any HE-2100 furnace. It ships without the door seal so be sure to also purchase the door rope and high temp black silicone (these two components comprise the door seal).

The gasket is a specialty 1" fire rope that can only be obtained from this store by clicking HERE (see product "Door Seal Fire Rope"). One tube of "Door Seal Caulk" is also required to install this gasket, also available at this site HERE.

The outside dimension for the door seal is 26.25" wide x 25.5" high. Keep in mind that the door seal is 1" thick, therefore, the steel door frame of your furnace must be slightly smaller and within one inch of this door seal OD measurement.

This door design incorporates a fan assembly as part of the door as this door matches a furnace design that feeds air to the firebox through this front door. See other furnace model doors that do not have front door fans if desired. If needed, the fan can be purchased separately available at this LINK HERE.

Hinges are not included with the door, but are available. Contact OutdoorBoiler.com for more information if hinges are required.

Also sold separately are the following: solenoid, fan box, fan cover, and wiring. Solenoids are available at this link HERE. Contact OutdoorBoiler.com for fan boxes and fan covers if needed.