Outdoor Boiler PAP to PEX Interface Kit

Outdoor Boiler PAP to PEX Interface Kit

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For customers with a PAP installation who replace their underground pipe with Insulated PEX, this kit enables them to retain their indoor installation of PAP components and just interface the PAP to the Insulated PEX.

When a customer needs to replace their “Insulated PAP” underground pipe with “Insulated PEX” underground pipe, they will have PAP tubing installed inside their home, and on the back of furnace. Accordingly, they will have PAP fittings there also.

So in order to replace the “Insulated PAP” underground pipe with “Insulated PEX”, they will need a few fittings to make the connections. These fittings are listed below.

The following is a standard kit FOR ONE LINE ONLY. If the customer has two lines, sell them TWO of these kit items.


These fittings are used as follows:

Remember that we always recommend using TWO crimp rings on each fitting connection.

Back of Furnace

The PEX 1” Crimp X 1” MPT is used to connect the new PEX tubing in the back of furnace. One is used to connect to the female end of the 45 degree Street Elbow connected to the bottom (supply side) of the pump. The other PEX 1” Crimp X 1” MPT is connected to the 45 degree Street Elbow connected to the 1” Ball Valve on the return line. These two connections in the back of furnace location require 4 of the PEX 1” Crimp Copper Rings.

Inside Building Wall

Once the underground Insulated PEX is brought into the building wall, there is normally an elbow there. The elbow will likely be a PAP elbow. Remove that fitting – they fail too often to rely on. Cut off one inch of the PAP tubing and connect the PAP 1” x MPT 1” fitting to both pieces of clean PAP tubing.

Then make sure the outer casing of the underground pipe comes through the wall at least two feet. Allow the PEX tubing to extend at least a foot beyond this point. Remember that PEX tubing will expand and contract with heat. The longer your underground pipe from the furnace, the more expansion you will have indoors. There is no room at the back of furnace, or underground to accommodate this expansion.

Attach a PEX 1” 90 Elbow to each PEX tube. Then measure and cut two pieces of PEX tubing to connect the 90 PEX Elbows to the PAP MPT fittings. Using two crimp rings, attach the PEX 1” Crimp x 1” FPT fittings to each piece of cut PEX tubing.

Using pipe dope (we like the green stuff), connect both PEX 1” Crimp x 1” FPT fittings to both PAP MPT fittings.

The last step is to connect the PEX tubing pieces to the PEX 1” 90 elbow fittings, again using two copper crimp rings for each connection. Note that each PEX 90 Elbow when completely connected, will have four crimp rings attached.


- PEX 1" Crimp X 1" MPT
- PEX 1" Crimp Copper Ring
PEX 1" 90° Elbow
PEX 1" Crimp X 1" FPT
PAP 1" x MPT 1" Brass

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