AC Pro-Rust Total Rust Removal Gel

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Total rust cleanup and protection for your outdoor wood furnace! You can be proud of your outdoor boiler because it will stay shiny and new-looking, even though it may be more than 20 years old!

Use the AC Pro-Rust Remover first to clean up your boiler, then apply AC Pro-Tech for LONG-lasting protection. 

Rust remover in Gel form is easy to use in cleaning up outdoor boilers, corroded AC coils and other rust stains. This comes in a 1-liter plastic container. This is in contrast to other rust removers you find in hardware outlets, which have a watery consistency and run off before the rust removal is complete.

As far as we are aware, this is the only Phosphoric Acid-based rust dissolver in gel form. The product is simply applied by brush or spray bottle (not supplied) with a thick coat, left for half an hour, and rinsed off. As a bath, it can be used over & over again. It is ideal for all steel and is particularly good on heavily stained steel and rusted stainless steel.

Remember for ongoing rust protection, apply AC Pro-Tech after cleaning your steel surfaces with AC Pro-Rust. 

Please see the product instructions and precautions.

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