We have been selling boiler circulating pumps for use in hydronic heating for several decades and have probably sold more than 30,000 pumps. These are also called “Circulator Pumps” and that is the more accurate technical term, though most people just call them “Pumps”.

Regarding having the best circulator pump for the boiler, remember to have the correct size of the pump. We carry two standard sizes of the pump. The larger pump is the standard for installation and it is a 1/6 hp pump. This pump is strong and powerful and will handle most applications. While we are happy to provide analysis of the pump size needed, more than 95 per cent of our calculations show that the 1/6 hp pump is needed.

The smaller pump is only 1/25 hp and will work for only a few home installations if the distance between the boiler and the building is less than 75 feet and there are only 2 bottlenecks (such as one filter, and one heat exchanger). 

However, most home installations have three bottlenecks - a filter, a domestic hot water plate heat exchanger, and then a forced air heat exchanger. If you have three bottlenecks and/or more than 75 feet of distance, stay with the larger 1/6 hp pump. Both pumps are available on the page below.

When do you need MORE power than only ONE of our strongest 1/6 hp pumps?  Good question. If you are pushing water more than 150 feet and going through more than three bottlenecks, you may need more power...BUT there is a right way to get that power and many wrong ways! 

For outdoor boilers, DO NOT add a boiler circulation pump inside the building! This seems logical, but it does not work - this pump will get air locked and fail.  Also, DO NOT think you can use a larger pump.

The PROPER way to get more power, is to "Daisy-Chain" together two of our special 1/6 hp hydronic circulators. Two pumps are "Daisy-Chained" together by simply connecting them to one another so they boost one another and provide the flow strength needed. And they must be located together at the back of the outdoor boiler, so that they are always primed. Remember, their goal is to “circulate” the water through the entire loop, and this “Daisy-Chain” configuration is the only method recommended by the manufacturer and all hydronic experts.

Are The Installation Kit Prices High?

No, the outdoor wood boiler installation kit prices are set at just the sum of the parts costs. All the drawings and instructions are included at no extra charge.

The best boiler circulator pump is our 1/6 hp circulator available at OutdoorBoiler.com!

PEX fittings are used in most outdoor boiler applications and are very acceptable. PEX pipe fittings have a long history of success and high performance. PEX tubing does not handle high temperatures so steam systems are not designed with PEX.

Please see this page for Wood boiler circulator pump prices.

A circulator pump, also known as a boiler pump/water circulation pump, plays a crucial role in a boiler heating system. Here's what a circulator pump does on a boiler:

  • Circulates hot water throughout the heating system.
  • Ensures even heat distribution in the building.
  • Maintains a steady temperature in the boiler.
  • Promotes energy efficiency by optimal water circulation.
  • Provides faster warm-up times for the heating system.
  • Prevents cold spots in the building.

Yes, if you have plumbing and HVAC knowledge, you can install the system yourself. However, it's essential to ensure you have the necessary tools and expertise for a proper installation. Otherwise, we recommend you seek professional assistance.

There are several signs that may indicate your wood boiler circulating pump is not functioning properly or is "bad." This includes - 

  • Lack of heat distribution
  • Strange noises
  • Leaking water
  • Overheating boiler
  • Constant running or not running
  • Cold pipes.