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The aquastat controller on your outdoor boiler serves some very important purposes. Mostly, it controls the blower fan and draft, opening and closing the draft to keep the outdoor boiler water in a desired temp range.

If it weren't for your aquastat, your boiler would require constant attention so that your fire does not burn too hot (and boil out your water) or too cold. (and you freeze!).

The aquastat is a cool little component in an outdoor boiler that allows us all to enjoy life without worrying about our heat, except once or twice per day when we need to add wood. Not only do we get to save lots of money on our heating bills, we also get to have a life in the meantime! After all, we need lots of time to enjoy spending all that money we are saving on our heating bills!

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5 products

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an aquastat controller?

An aquastat is a device that controls the temperature of water. It turns on the heating control at a low set point, and turns it off at the high set point. An aquastat keeps the water temperature within the desire temperature range.

What is an aquastat Honeywell?

Honeywell is one of the global leaders in manufacturing quality aquastats.

What does an aquastat do on a boiler?

An aquastat is the device that controls the boiler water temperature. All aquastats have a high and a low set point. So for example if the high set point were 180 degrees and the low set point were 160, the aquastat would begin heating the boiler water when it drops to 160 degrees, and stop heating the boiler water when it reaches 180 degrees.

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How much does it cost to replace an aquastat?

Aquastats are not expensive devices, and they are simple to install. See this page for more information on outdoor boiler aquastat prices.

What should my aquastat be set at?

For many traditional outdoor boilers, the aquastat should be set at 180 degrees F as the high set point, with a 20-degree differential so that the low set point is 160 degrees F. High efficiency outdoor boilers are often set at a range between 172 and 182 degrees, but not always.

How much does a Honeywell aquastat cost?

See this page for more information on Honeywell aquastat cost. Contact our office for more information at (231) 861-8200.