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The Outdoor Boiler Filter Kit products are the components needed to protect an outdoor wood boiler system from failure due to sediment build up using a high temperature-tolerant filtration system.

Why Boilers Need A Filter

Sediment is the "Secret Killer" of outdoor boilers. It will eat through steel, AND cause electrolysis damage to your water jacket - holes in your boiler are very bad.

Most outdoor boiler owners already have a filter. But some dealers make the mistake of NOT recommending a filter to "get the sale". This is not wise. If you don't have a filter, this is not your fault of course if your dealer did not even tell you about it. But you still need one to protect your system. Learn more by clicking HERE.

We get calls from outdoor boiler owners whose systems are from 3 to 7 years old who need to replace all their heat exchangers at great cost. This could have been prevented if they had a filter.

If you don't have a filter, you can install one now easily. This will reverse the damage being caused by sediment, and clean up your system perfectly!

Filter kits are available! They include literally every component needed to install a filter, including the bypass. A bypass is required to allow the water to continue flowing while the filter is getting cleaned every month or two. Simple instructions and drawing for the filter are included with every Filter Kit. Click HERE for more info on Filter Kits.

A filter will enable you to Turn UP Your Thermostat and Still SAVE Money on your heating bills for decades with your outdoor wood boiler!

Filter Products

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6 products

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the filter on a boiler?

The filter is installed on the boiler loop, ideally before heat exchangers to protect them from sediment buildup.

Is there a filter in a boiler?

A filter should be installed in the boiler loop to remove sediment and protect the pumps and heat exchangers.

Does my boiler need a filter?

Yes. All boilers should have a filter.

How do you change a filter on a boiler?

The process is simple and it is explained in this video

My boiler is pressurized. How do I clean the filter without depressurizing the boiler?

The boiler filter system has a bypass that you will open during cleaning. This allows you to access the filter cartridge without stopping the flow of water through the boiler loop, or depressurizing the boiler.