Insulated PEX 1.25” O2 Barrier – Heat Mizer Brand

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Underground Insulated PEX for Outdoor Wood Boiler - #1 Selling Brand – BEST Value Leader

Don't Buy Any Insulated PEX Until You Watch This Video from the Experts:

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Nobody can touch our record and experience! After 10 years, we have sold over 1.2 million feet of pipe, and ZERO FAILURES!

Do NOT buy BLACK underground pipe. This is a COMMON mistake. The BLACK outer casing is actually drain tile, and it is not made to be waterproof. This will fail 100% - and is costly to replace.

ONLY use underground pipe with our special composite compound - you will know our quality because ours has a WHITE outer casing - the ideal composite compound and thickness to be "Forever Waterproof".

Why is Heat Mizer Brand the BEST Value?

  • "Forever Waterproof" design
  • Lowest Heat Loss Ever – Less than one degree of heat loss over 200 feet!
  • Industry Leading Warranty - Full Replacement Coverage, including LABOR!
  • Perfect Performance Record - Over 1 Million Sold and ZERO Failures
  • Experts Agree! Our proprietary design has been PERFECTED over 30 years!
  • Best QUALITY, Best PRICE, Best VALUE!

If you see a good price on BLACK underground pipe – STAY AWAY!  Black drain tile is not manufactured to be waterproof – it will leak, fill with water, and suck heat from your pipe to heat the ground. We tested this (thinking we could try to save money) and by the middle of February, our wood pile was GONE!

We in the industry have a name for these low-grade pipes:  "Do-Over Pipe" because you will end up having to do it over in a few years. When that happens, customers deeply regret "going cheap" on their pipe investment. Don't make this mistake.

Also don't make the mistake of thinking that spending 2x or 3x the price gets you a better product. You can pay $12+ per foot for pipe imported from Sweden. It is a LOWER grade product that costs a lot because of overseas European shipping costs. Don't make this mistake either.

Call (231) 861-8200 or (888) Log-Burn for more details.

Price listed is PER FOOT, and please note the following important information: 100 foot minimum required to get this wholesale price. Shorter lengths available upon request. Call for more info.

Remember, outdoor boiler underground pipe must NEVER be spliced underground. Make sure you measure carefully! Measure the distance from the back of the furnace to the wall where the pipe will enter the building. Then add 10 feet - this is mandatory for the sweep coming up into the back of the boiler, and the need to go through the wall at least 2 feet.

How Deep to Bury?

A common question we get is "How Deep" should the underground pipe be buried? In most cases, the answer is just TWO FEET. The reason for this is because many locations have codes that require electrical wires be buried two feet and since the electric wire that feeds power to the outdoor boiler will go in this same trench, we recommend a burial depth of two feet.

Please note, that if you will bury this pipe underneath a driveway, particularly a gravel driveway, you must bury the pipe at least FOUR FEET deep AND place the pipe inside a six-inch PVC conduit, but just under the locations where vehicles will pass.

All Rolls "Made To Order"

Heat Mizer is sold in roll lengths made to order, in any length between 50 and 500 feet. Any lengths over 250 feet will have a commercial heat shrink coupling in the outer casing but the PEX and insulation are continuous without any coupling. 

Shipping Costs

We ship EVERYWHERE in the US!  To obtain better shipping costs, you may call for a shipping quote. Call at (231) 861-8200, or email us at and provide a length desired, and shipping address and we will obtain a shipping quote for you. The online store may not calculate the best shipping cost for you.

If online orders do not have a shipping quote provided with LTL option, please provide a commercial/business shipping address in a commercial zone (not residential) with a loading dock or a forklift is accessible to unload the pallet.

Do NOT buy Underground Insulated PEX Pipe without speaking with the experts at Outdoor Boiler Care. Call us at (231) 861-8200 and learn what the other companies don’t want you to hear!

Again, at WHOLESALE COST, our Heat Mizer pipe is the best value and the best quality pipe, and will be an investment that you will never regret.