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Boiler fittings face certain stresses that require the fittings to be high grade and good quality. Fittings come in many different levels of quality and the source must be evaluated very closely.

We at have conducted extensive research into the quality control systems at our world renown fitting manufacturers. Accordingly, we know when to pay for extra high quality, and where to save money.

We are heating with firewood to SAVE money, after all…right?

But we want our boiler system to be strong and not fail. We want it robust, but not “gold-plated” so that it costs a fortune.

So leave it to the experts at to identify only the Best Quality at the Best Value for your outdoor boiler system.

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31 products

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a boiler valve?

A boiler valve can be opened or closed to change the flow of boiler water. When open, boiler water will flow to the designated set of piping, and when closed, either the boiler water stops flowing, or at least flows in different directions. A universal law of hydronics is that water will always flow in the path of least resistance.

What is a boiler drain valve used for?

A boiler drain valve can be opened to allow boiler water to flush out completely, or at least partially to keep the boiler clean.

Are PEX fittings acceptable for boiler use?

PEX fittings are used in most outdoor boiler applications and are very acceptable. PEX fittings have a long history of success and high performance. PEX tubing does not handle high temperatures so steam systems are not designed with PEX.

"Which type of PEX fittings are best?"

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