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This page contains Chimney Components for use with outdoor wood boilers. Check to confirm model specifications and compatibility. For chimney extensions, NEVER use any uninsulated product as these will destroy your outdoor wood boiler.

Read our article  “3 Biggest Installation Mistakes You Can Make with Your Outdoor Boiler” at this link HERE. Also, feel free to contact Technical Support for more information at this link HERE.

Chimney extensions are known to extend the life of an outdoor boiler because they enhance draft and hence combustion. Read more HERE

While we only show our most popular products on this page, we have literally thousands of Chimney Components available in many sizes. Please call us for your chimney component needs and we will do our best to beat any price!

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10 products

Frequently Asked Questions

Will a chimney extension change how far the outdoor wood boiler needs to be from house?

A chimney extension will not change how far you put your outdoor boiler from YOUR house, but it will impact your comfort if you operate your boiler close to your home and during warmer weather when windows might be open. A chimney extension that extends above your roof line will eliminate this issue. Further, local codes and industry best practices recommend that if your outdoor boiler is less than 300 feet from the nearest neighbor’s home, that you extend the chimney above your neighbor’s roofline.

What are the benefits of a chimney extension?

A chimney extension will save you money and time. You will burn less wood, and the wood you burn will be more efficient. A chimney extension also gets the smoke up in the air better so working around your outdoor boiler is a much more pleasant experience. Everyone in our company who has an outdoor boiler, has the chimney extension and we all love them. It is believed that chimney extensions EXTEND the life expectancy of an outdoor boiler.

How is the chimney extension installed?

The 6” chimney extension is normally just attached to the existing chimney stack, using the Selkirk “Snap-Lock” feature. The 8” chimney extension is normally attached to the “adapter” via the “Snap-Lock” feature, and then the adapter (with the extension attached) is placed INSIDE the 8” chimney and sits down in there.

"Which type of PEX fittings are best?"

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