Outdoor Boiler Water Level Indicator – HEGX Series

$78.75 $89.95

Includes Plastic Float (also sold separately).

This product shows water level in Models HE-1100, HE-2100, GX10, GX15, and GX30.

Instructions for use:

Insert your new Water Level Indicator (WLI) into the top front vent tube of your Hawken Outdoor Boiler with the sticker/indicator facing forward. Make sure the float body is perfectly horizontal before inserting. Use caution if you remove the WLI so you don’t pull the float off, as it is a snug fit. Add water when indicator reaches “ADD” or just above. Add water using only the Hawken “In-House Fill Kit” installed indoors; using buckets or hose is not recommended. When adding water, add slowly and shut off water immediately when water overflows this vent tube onto furnace roof.

For more information, see your owners manual and visit HawkenStore.com.