3 Reasons Everyone Loves (and needs) Their Chimney Cap

Chimney caps are NOT optional. These chimney caps are a very high-tech designed product that provides three critical functions:

1. Keep the rain out - This one is obvious. 

2. Spark arrester - Depending upon the wood you burn and local wind conditions, you do not want sparks leaving your outdoor boiler and igniting your wood pile or anything else nearby. The chimney cap is a spark arrester and knocks down any sparks that get out the chimney.

If you have combustibles near your outdoor boiler, we also recommend at least one length of "Chimney Extension" and an "Extension Adapter" to further eliminate the risk of having a fire.

3. Prevent downdraft - If you ever have high winds (and who doesn't!), the special design of the chimney cap will prevent high wind from sucking heat out of your boiler, and adding air to a the fire, particularly when the furnace is in the idle mode when you don't want the fire to burn. 

This can severely damage your boiler steel if the furnace fire continues to burn when it should not.

So please remember that chimney caps are NOT optional equipment for outdoor boilers. They are required and provide very important functions that enable you to continue to save money on your heating bills for decades!

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