Outdoor Boiler Circulator Pump, Standard 1/6

$197.25 $305.95

This pump meets specifications for ALL brand outdoor wood boilers.  This is a highly specific pump that has been designed to meet the demanding hydrdonic needs of an outdoor boiler application. This pump is also very effective in a large variety of heating applications inlcuding radiant, indoor boiler hydronic, radiators, fan coils, etc. 

This size pump is required for distances greater than 75 feet between the building and the furnace. This size pump is also recommended if the furnace water is being circulated through a filter and more than one heat exchanger (such as a furnace AND a domestic hot water plate heat exchanger).

This pump is a 3-speed cast iron circulator pump with built-in flow check. 3 speeds (Low/Med/High) of the Brute make this model very versatile and allow to use it in a large variety of heating applications including radiant, hydronic, radiators, fan coils, etc. A built-in flow check eliminates the need to buy and install a separate in-line check valve, but this check may be removed for use in an outdoor wood furnace application. This circulator is designed for closed loop systems with medium to high flow rates and pressure drops. A built-in automatic resetting thermal protection of the pump assures motor safety and extends circulator's life.


* Removable Check Valve  * Rotor Bleed Screw * 3 Speed ( Low, Med, High ) * Ceramic Shaft * 2 year warranty *Flow range: 0-34 U. S. GPM *Head range: 0-30Feet






These pumps are UL listed. Approved for North American installations.

Operation Conditions

* Ambient temperature: Max. 104°F (40 )

* Liquid temperature: 36°F (2 ) ~ 230°F (110 )

* System pressure: Max. 145 psi.


* The main parts of the pump include: pump body, impeller, stator, rotor, shielded sets, and vent plug.

* The pump does not use mechanical seal; stator and rotor are sealed with stainless steel.

The overall pump structure is sealed with two heat-resistant rubber gaskets to avoid leakage.

* The pump bearing is lubricated and cooled by the pumped water.

** Pump shaft must be installed horizontally.*

Interchanges with Grundfos 26-96, Taco 011, Wilo Star 30, Wasser GPD10 and others.