Liquid Armor Outdoor Boiler Water Treatment

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Boiler Water Treatment / Corrosion Inhibitor - Liquid Armor: Protect your investment! Keep your warranty valid! Treating the water in your boiler with a safe and effective Liquid Armor rust inhibitor is the most important thing you can do to protect your boiler. Liquid Armor is the #1 Outdoor Boiler water treatment because it has been specially formulated to protect the exact grade of steel in your boiler!

Liquid Armor Boiler Water Treatment was our first product and was an overnight success. Liquid Armor is the original, and one of the best selling boiler water treatments ever used.

Most boiler warranties require annual testing. Liquid Armor enables you to meet testing requirements, because... 

Every order includes one (1) gallon of treatment, and two (2) water sample analysis kits so you can submit water samples to our laboratory for a FREE water analysis and test report.  Each kit includes written instructions, a sample bottle, and a shipping box with pre-addressed shipping labels. 

All water samples received (regardless of furnace brand) will be tested and a full analysis report will be provided via email within 4 weeks. This report includes instructions for further treatment/testing, but only if required based on your local water conditions.

You may submit as many water samples as you wish, but it is recommended to submit at least one sample every 12 months. If you do not receive a "SATISFACTORY RESULT", please follow the instructions in the test report, and then send another sample. You must have at least one "SATISFACTORY" test result every 12 months to maintain your warranty. Keep a copy of your test results.

Again, most boiler warranties require annual testing. This laboratory test report is evidence that you are properly protecting your investment in case you ever have a warranty claim during the life of your boiler.

Remember: Sediment is the Secret Killer of Outdoor Wood Stoves! 

Every 6 months: Follow steps HERE to do the "Periodic Sediment Flush"

Every 4 years: Follow steps HERE to do the "Complete Flush"

Every month: Follow steps to clean your boiler filter - click HERE

Every 2-4 years: Replace your filter cartridge - read more HERE


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