Outdoor Furnace: Do Filter Cartridges Wear Out?

Outdoor Furnace: Do Filter Cartridges Wear Out?

Do Filter cartridges wear out?

This is an important question that many people are not familiar with. The answer is YES!

Peter, one of our customers from Michigan called recently and told us that he was getting sediment buildup in the bottom of his boiler. He tried to flush it out, but it continued to accumulate!

So Peter then noticed that even though he was faithfully cleaning his filter cartridge, HIS WATER LOOKED CLEAR! So why was he still getting sediment buildup in the bottom of his boiler?

He called us and we discovered that he had NEVER replaced his filter cartridge and his furnace was more than 6 years old.

The life expectancy of a filter cartridge is approximately 5 years, but less in some cases. If your filter captures large quantities of fine particulates, the stainless steel micron surface of the filter gets thinned out and allows larger particulates of sediment to pass. Also, the seals on the edges of the filter can fail and also allow copious amounts of sediment to pass. Not good!

Remember that sediment is the "Secret Killer" of Outdoor Boilers. More sediment is the last thing you want in your boiler.

The good news is that these cartridges are not expensive. Peter just ordered a replacement and he no longer gets any sediment buildup in his boiler!

So be sure to replace your filter cartridge every five years. Just click HERE for more info on the filter cartridge.

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