Outdoor Furnace’s Underground Insulated Pex

Outdoor Furnace’s Underground Insulated Pex


Our famous Underground Insulated PEX will have its first price increase in years. This takes effect next few days. We don't know exactly what the new price will be but it will be at least a 10 percent increase which is substantial, but necessary.

Why is our Heat Mizer Pipe so famous?

  • "Forever Waterproof" design
  • Lowest Heat Loss Ever – Less than one degree of heat loss over 200 feet!
  • Industry Leading Warranty - Full Replacement Coverage, including LABOR!
  • Perfect Performance Record - Over 1 Million Sold and ZERO Failures
  • Experts Agree! Our proprietary design has been PERFECTED for over 30 years!
  • Best QUALITY, Best PRICE, Best VALUE!

If you see a good price on the BLACK underground pipe – STAY AWAY!  Black drain tile is not manufactured to be waterproof – it will leak, fill with water, and suck heat from your pipe to heat the ground. We tested this (thinking we could try to save money) and by the middle of February, our woodpile was GONE!

Benefits of Installing Underground Pex

Insulated Underground Pex is a type of pipe insulation used in the construction of residential and commercial buildings. This system provides significant cost savings compared to traditional insulation by reducing heat loss from homes or businesses. In this article, we'll take a look at the benefits of installing underground pex pipe insulation for both homeowners and business owners.


One of the most common plumbing issues for a homeowner is a blocked drain. There are many reasons why a drain may become blocked, but if you want to avoid major plumbing troubles, then you need an efficient tubing system that can accommodate large amounts of wastewater from homes and businesses.

Underground Pex is a tubing system that ensures proper evacuation in homes and businesses by absorbing the water in its polymer walls at a molecular level. It also provides better flow without clogging, longer-lasting service life, and improves water quality.


We in the industry have a name for these low-grade pipes:  "Do-Over Pipe" because you will end up having to do it over in a few years. When that happens, customers deeply regret "going cheap" on their pipe investment. Don't make this mistake!

Our pipe is also famous for having the BEST WARRANTY in the industry - the warranty not only covers full replacement but also covers replacement labor costs!

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Free Water Testing

One of the most important steps in prolonging the life of your outdoor wood boiler is to ensure that the water in your boiler is not corroding the steel. Water starts to eat holes in steel immediately upon contact (through rust corrosion) unless properly treated. We test your outdoor wood burner water for free! Get your wood boiler water treatment now!

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