Outdoor Boiler Domestic Hot Water Kit

$332.36 $395.95

This best-selling kit will give you endless hot water. If you have any ladies in your home who like to shave their legs in the shower, you will be their hero.  

The Outdoor Boiler Domestic Hot Water Kit (PEX) is a pre-assembled kit of all the components needed to connect an outdoor wood boiler to a domestic hot water system to provide endless hot water to the home.  This kit is the PEX version, and it contains all the fittings needed, along with the water to water plate heat exchanger.  The kit does not contain the parts needed to interface with the domestic water system, since those vary (copper, PVC, PEX, etc.). The ports on the heat exchanger that interface with the domestic water are 3/4" female ports.
This kit meets specifications for all outdoor wood boiler installations.
The bill of materials for this kit is as follows:
1 x Plate Heat Exchanger (20-Plate)
1 x Mixing Valve
2 x PEX 1" Crimp x 1" FPT
8 x 1" PEX Crimp Rings
Easy-To-Follow Installation Guide and Instructions