• Thermostatic Load Valve 1" VTC

Thermostatic Load Valve 1" VTC

$124 $146.75

The TLV helps prevent the furnace temperature from dropping below a specified temperature by bypassing the heat load and rerouting water back to the furnace.

The TLV is installed inside the heated building to allow heated water to continue to flow through underground pipes and prevent freezing.

The TLV is mandatory for all GX Series Furnace installations to maintain warranty coverage.

This part MUST be accompanied by the VTC Thermostat 140F, or simply purchase the TLV Kit which includes the fittings necessary for installation. 

The Thermostatic Load Valve ("TLV") is a required component of all GX Series furnace installations. Its purpose is to ensure that the GX furnace water jacket temp never falls below 140 degrees. Contact Hawken Support for TLV installation instructions.