Making Your Wood Supply Last For Your Outdoor Wood Boiler


 Is Your Wood Supply Enough To Last For This Winter Season?


Here are three easy steps to make your wood supply last longer - these are steps you can take NOW:


1. Cover your woodpile

2. Do a complete cleaning of your outdoor furnace

3. Add a Chimney Extension and replace your blower fan


Cover Your Wood

If your woodpile is not covered, you are likely to have snow, frost, and ice all over your wood. As the temperature rises above freezing, there may be considerable rain making your wood moisture content high.  It is never too late to cover your woodpile with a tarp, which enables the wood to dry and makes your burn more efficient.

Wet wood will burn in your outdoor wood furnace, but many of the BTUs

produced from the burning of your wood fuel are wasted because that energy is required just to burn off the water and convert it to steam.

Cover only the top of your woodpile, don't include the sides so air can flow through it from the sides and dry out the wood.


Completely Clean Wood Boiler

You want the heat from your wood fuel to transfer into your water jacket to get the most out of it. A dirty furnace, on the other hand, is less efficient so you should regularly clean your outdoor boiler.


Deep layers of ash will prevent the heat transfer of BTUs from your wood fuel into the water jacket. So, make sure to keep the ash layer to one inch or less.


Thick layers of creosote on the firebox walls will also prevent heat transfer so be sure to reduce creosote using the DRY BURN method described in this article HERE.


Also, make sure your chimney and deflector plate area is clean - deep layers of ash in this area will prevent proper airflow which reduces efficiency also.


Add Chimney Extension / Replace Blower Fan

A chimney extension slows airflow through your outdoor wood burner and thus improves efficiency because heat stays in the boiler longer. Remember that HE furnaces require a chimney adapter to add the extension. These items are available at our online store by clicking this link HERE.


Blower fans that are older than 5 years old will begin to lose their effectiveness and may not be performing at their optimal power. We recommend replacing the blower fan if you are experiencing poor efficiency for undiagnosed reasons. 

If you still don't have a spare blower fan, go HERE to get one.

We recommend having AT LEAST a spare blower fan on hand in case yours breaks down, which will inevitably happen over the first 10-20 years of your furnace's life. Please see the best promo we have for the Emergency Preparedness Kit.