3 Ways To Waste Money With Your Outdoor Furnace Upgrade

3 Ways To Waste Money With Your Outdoor Furnace Upgrade

Outdoor wood boiler systems and installations are complicated. This is something that may be more complicated than you anticipate. DON'T GET TAKEN! Let us show you what NOT to waste money on: 

1. The WRONG Design ... will cost way too much 

2. The WRONG Components ... will fail soon

3. The WRONG Specifications ... will not get you the heat you want!

We have designed literally THOUSANDS of outdoor wood furnace installations and systems. Nobody knows more about outdoor wood burning boiler installations than your experts at OutdoorBoiler.com. 


Outdoor Wood Furnace Installation


Get our FREE custom design services, and we will show you how to MAX your savings! Many customers calculate that our systems will save them over $200,000! Let's make sure YOU get the MAX savings from your outdoor wood stove system.

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We will provide simple design drawings that are customized to your specific needs, and which meet your heating demand. We follow this with coaching and our industry expertise on how to complete your system - all FREE!

Remember that there is nobody in the US with more expertise in outdoor wood boiler design, manufacture, quality control, installations, and service than the experts at OutdoorBoiler.com. 

If you buy anything that is not adequate to your specific custom needs, the worst case scenario will occur which is that your system will not provide you the HEAT you need or the long-term SAVINGS you could achieve.

Hiring the experts at OutdoorBoiler.com to help you design your system will SAVE you money, time, and aggravation. Call us for your FREE Design Service at (231) 861-8200, or click HERE to get access to our Full Design Service! We will ask a few questions, and then we go to work for you. We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on our design services, and a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

For more information you can contact us at OutdoorBoiler.com. You can also or visit our online store to browse for more outdoor wood boiler parts.

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With FREE Technical Support, our hundreds of videos, articles, operations & maintenance tips, and FREE Design Services, we guarantee that we will provide you the right answer to your question or solution to your problem."


Our Customer Promise

Customer support begins with a great customer service team. Our dedicated team is trained and experienced in all things about outdoor wood burners. You can always expect a human on the other end of the line. We know what’s important to you - your family, saving money, and keeping your house toasty warm - and we make that our highest priority.


Free Water Testing

One of the most important steps in prolonging the life of your outdoor boiler is to ensure that the water in your boiler is not corroding the steel. Water starts to eat holes in steel immediately upon contact (through rust corrosion) unless properly treated. We test your outdoor boiler water for free!


Free Water Test

You have made a major investment in your furnace, and you want it to last! Remember that water starts to eat holes in steel immediately upon contact (through rust corrosion), UNLESS the water is properly treated with a special boiler chemical and corrosion inhibitor that has been formulated to protect the exact grade of steel in your furnace - Liquid Armor Water Treatment.

Follow the instructions on the Outdoor Boiler Water Treatment bottle, but generally one gallon of water treatment will treat 200 gallons of water. This is a generalization, however, because water quality is very different in different parts of the country. The exact amount of water treatment you will need in your furnace will depend upon many factors - this is why the FREE water testing service is so very valuable. So send in your water sample to our lab to be tested!