Protect Your Freedom To Burn Wood – 3 Smart Strategies


We all cherish our rights and our freedoms. But little by little, we feel our rights being taken away from us. Our freedoms to burn wood have been radically changed by the EPA ban on outdoor boilers and other wood burning devices. Many state and local governments have passed regulations on wood burning also.

Let’s not risk losing our rights any further! Follow these simple strategies so that we can all continue to enjoy our freedom to burn wood:

  1. ONLY BURN WOOD! Burning garbage is a sure way to irritate neighbors and generate complaints to the police and/or local officials.  Burning treated wood, or any petroleum products is illegal, and will void your warranty. Manufacturers are not permitted to allow their warranties to cover damage from burning illegal fuels.
  1. Proper Maintenance – PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT! The EPA ban on outdoor boilers means that once your boiler reaches its end of life, you cannot replace it.  Keep your boiler healthy – so you can save money on your heating bills for decades! 
  1. Use Liquid Armor Water Treatment
  2. Send in a water sample every 12 months to CONFIRM that your boiler water is properly treated.
  3. Follow proper ash management
  4. Read every newsletter and follow all operating tips (and improve your health by laughing at all the jokes and funny videos in our newsletter!)
  1. Don’t allow smoke to bother your neighbors. If there is any chance that smoke from your outdoor boiler may bother your neighbors and that they will complain to government officials, simply add chimney extensions so your chimney extends above their roofline. This is a common solution that resolves this problem in almost all cases. We LOVE having at least one 4’ chimney extension on our outdoor wood boilers because it just gets any smoke out of the way. 
    1. Remember to NEVER install an uninsulated chimney extension on your boiler!  If you have an uninsulated chimney extension on your boiler – REMOVE IT IMMEDIATELY! Wood fuel contains a lot of moisture that will condense on the cool walls of an uninsulated chimney and form caustic acid that will drip back into your boiler and eat through the steel in a very short time.  Insulated chimney extensions are available at our website HERE. Don’t forget that for HE model furnaces, a simple adapter is required also and it is available HERE.
    2. If you want to move the location of your boiler, contact us for FREE design services to help you with the process. This is always an option, and we can help. Check out our FREE Design Offer by clicking HERE.

Let’s work together to maintain the rights we still have! Please feel free to send us your comments and feedback to

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