Are you really saving money with your outdoor wood furnace?

Are you really saving money with your outdoor wood furnace?

Is it really worth all the effort? Just think of all the time you spend loading your furnace, cleaning it, cutting and splitting wood, removing ash, and making sure your wood is properly seasoned?

The answer might surprise you!

The answer is NO, if you are unwilling to spend 20 minutes per year adding the Certified Liquid Armor water treatment to your furnace, and submitting a water sample to the Labs for a free water analysis (the purpose of the free water analysis is to make sure that your furnace water is properly protected).

With all the money you have spent on your outdoor furnace and installation, WOULDN’T IT BE WORTHWHILE TO SPEND 20 MINUTES TO PROPERLY TREAT THE WATER?

One customer refused to properly treat his furnace, and his furnace experienced extreme corrosion from local water conditions, and the furnace started to LEAK after just three years of operations. This customer is not saving money with his outdoor furnace because his repairs were costly and not covered under warranty!


If so, you may be asking yourself this question:


The answer is simple – NO! It is NEVER too late to start protecting your investment!  Start NOW! 

And if you need more information, just read below for specific instructions!

But the first step is to order Certified Liquid Armor Water Treatment from this link:

...Then follow the simple instructions below:

 I have not been using water treatment consistently, but I want to protect my investment – WHAT SHOULD I DO?

 Here is what you need to do: In the bottom of the rear part of the furnace, you will find a drain valve. Open this valve and allow the water to run until it runs clear. (You may want to attach a hose to allow the water to drain clear from the back of your furnace.) It should take no more than 10 seconds. If the water does not run clear, or it drains slowly, carefully insert any type of non-sharp tool into the drain (such as a wooden dowel or a Philips head screwdriver) to clean out the bottom area so that any sediment that has collected in the furnace drains out. (If your drain is curved, you must use a flexible rod of some sort such as a plumbing drain cleaner.)  If it does not drain well, or the water has a rusty look to it, continue to drain the furnace until it runs clear, or drains completely, whichever comes first.

 Now visit our website and purchase the Hawken Certified Liquid Armor water treatment. (Remember that for furnace models HE-2100, GX30, HE-2000 or HE-3000 you will need two gallons of treatment.) You must purchase this treatment from as this blend is specifically formulated to protect the exact grade of steel in your furnace, and this is not available anywhere else. The price is lower than any other manufacturer brand of water treatment ($79.95/gallon) and this is a small price to pay to protect your investment in your home's heating system. With proper water treatment, your furnace will give you many years of uninterrupted service.  Again, that website is as follows:

Follow the instructions that come in the box with your order of Liquid Armor water treatment for adding the proper amount of water treatment.

Then, after 24 hours of circulation, you will need to take a water sample and send it to our lab for free water testing. The simple instructions for taking this sample are also included with your order of Liquid Armor water treatment.  This accomplishes two things: First, it enables you to have the peace of mind that your furnace is being PROTECTED FROM CORROSION!

Remember that any time water and steel come in contact, there is a potential for corrosion. An untreated furnace will fail - it is only a matter of time. Please note that the treatment guidelines are for average water, but the water in your area may have different hardness characteristics and therefore require more treatment. This water test will enable you to know for sure that your furnace is being correctly protected.

Second, when you submit a water test sample, your results are recorded in our cloud-based system for future reference and shows your diligence in protecting your investment. NOTE: This water treatment process is something that ONLY needs to be done once per year, so please do not worry that this is a highly time consuming process.

If your water test results indicate that further action is necessary, you will be given simple instructions on what to do. Once you receive your water test results that are SATISFACTORY, you can rest peacefully knowing that you have protected your investment!