Outdoor Furnace: #1 Reason to Replace Damaged Door Conduit

Reason to Replace Damaged Door Conduit


The Door Wire Conduit of your outdoor wood stove protects the electrical wires supplying power to electronic components in the door - the solenoid and blower fan. It mounts externally between the door skin and the firebox door on the front right side of the outdoor boiler.

This product meets specifications for the HE, GH, and BHS model furnaces. See the photo below.

Door Conduit
Door conduits must be inspected regularly for cracks and damage. If the door conduit fails, then the wires WILL FAIL, and your furnace will not run. Also, it could be a fire hazard to have exposed wires.

Please inspect your door conduit NOW, and again every year. If there is any wear on the conduit, you can get a replacement door conduit by calling our office, or by clicking HERE

Replacing this conduit is simple and does not take very much time.  

As always, let us know if you have any questions!

Emergency Preparedness Kit Products

All Outdoor Boilers are designed to outlast their electronics. The standard "Emergency Preparedness Kit" contains four items:

- Pump

- Blower Fan

- Solenoid

- High Limit Switch

The blower fan must be the correct size to match your boiler. 

We almost always recommend the Brute Pump (see article "Pump Size Matters" HERE)

In many cases, it is also advisable to have a spare Aquastat Controller on hand, particularly for GX Series Furnace owners. Click HERE.


Operation and Maintenance FAQs:

  • How do I set up to leave my furnace off for a month in the winter?

Follow shut down procedures in your manual. You may choose to keep the pump circulating.

OutdoorBoiler.com Shut Down Procedures

Please observe the following steps when shutting down the furnace:

1. Observe all safety precautions.

2. Allow time for the fire and coals to completely burn out.

3. Empty all the ashes and lightly scrape out the firebox to remove all ashes.

4. Fill the system with water until it is completely full.

5. Flush and clean the filter.

6. Make sure the proper water treatment procedure is followed.

7. Make sure the chimney cap is in place to prevent rainwater from entering firebox.

8. If you have a forced air furnace with a second thermostat controlling your indoor furnace blower fan, be sure to turn off the power to this thermostat.

  • Do I have to worry about my outdoor wood furnace system freezing?

No. With 180 degree water, the system will never freeze as long as the outdoor furnace is running and the pump is working.

Even without wood, the furnace will absorb some heat from the indoor loop further preventing freezing. The outdoor wood burner is highly insulated which minimizes heat loss, even in the coldest weather.

  • Why is ash management important?

If the ash becomes wet it is corrosive to the metal of the furnace. If the level of ash is too thick in the water box it does not allow for efficient heat transfer to the water in the water jacket of the furnace. The temperature of the water in the jacket is used to heat your house.

Troubleshooting FAQs:

  • Why am I not getting hot water?

Check that the hot water system is connected properly. Check if the heat exchanger is partially or totally clogged.

  • I can't find a leak in my furnace. Why am I losing water?

The furnace uses a non-pressurized system. This means that the system is exposed to the air. Since the water in the system can and will be warmer than the air, there will be evaporation of the water in the system. The water must be checked and adjusted at least once a month, sometimes more.

  • My pull rod separated; what do I do?

There is a nut & bolt that holds the D plate on. You can look through the chimney to see if the nut and bolt are still present. Click this article for more info.

  • My Outdoor Wood Boiler stopped running what should I do?

Check if there is there power to the furnace? Does the light work?

Check the high limit switch? Is the blower and or solenoid working? Are the wires in good condition?

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