LIES Exposed - EPA Matter.

Important Message from the CEO

Greetings Patriots,

This is HUGE news!  In case you missed our email from last Thursday, the EPA has issued the following statement:

"EPA is taking steps to provide relief to wood heater manufacturers and retailers” 

We will keep you informed of what this means to all of us, and how we will be directly impacted in the future. Stand by for more!

Pro EPA advocates are starting a campaign of lies about this. Smart Americans find these lies insulting to their intelligence. Take a look at this one:

"Since the 2015 regulations went into effect, scores of wood and pellet stoves and boilers have been tested to meet the 2020 standards and most prices have not gone up significantly." 

Baloney! Prices went up by almost double. We know all the manufacturers and we sit in the caucus meetings with them and have heard their boiling fury over the cost of the regulations. The only possible way to justify this statement is because many manufacturers WENT OUT OF BUSINESS so of course their prices did not go up!

Perhaps one of the most absurd lies made by this same author was to say that by changing the regulations...
The Trump Administration harms "the ability of consumers to choose more efficient appliances."

Haha, Baloney again!  How stupid do these people think we are? This is like saying "If the government doesn't add $50,000 to the price of your car, they are harming your ability to choose a more fuel efficient car."  Absurd!

Stand by for more! We will expose all the lies we find about these efforts to restore our Freedoms!

In case you missed it, click on the video message below for my Breaking News announcement, and we have attached below the most important email of the year (Summer Shutdown Checklists):

All the best!