"Fall Heating Season Begins Today"

Fall Heating Season Begins Today

For a limited time, get FREE SHIPPING on the Fall Start-Up Kit.  This critical kit contain the following essentials:

Why is Outdoor Furnace Water Treatment ESSENTIAL?

Liquid Armor Water Treatment - 2 Gallons
 (Read why this is essential here)

Creosote Sticks

Creosote Sticks (6 Sticks is a 3-month supply - (Read why you need these here)




Replacement Door Seal


Replacement Door Seal / includes fire rope and caulk - Read here why it is easier to replace this BEFORE the heating season begins

Emergency Prreparedness Kit


Emergency Preparedness Kit - Click HERE for why this is a must for furnaces more than 2 years old


This will make your life easier so you can have more fun!

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