Filter Kit - Why Needed for ALL Outdoor Wood Boilers

Filter Kit - Why Needed for ALL Outdoor Wood Boilers

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Secret Killer

If you ask any plumber what can kill an outdoor furnace, they would tell you that sediment build-up is the culprit.

Sediment is the "Secret Killer" of outdoor wood boilers. It will eat through steel, AND cause electrolysis damage to your water jacket - holes in your boiler are very bad.

So how would you avoid having sediment build-up on your outdoor wood stove? That is by using a Filter!

Most outdoor wood boiler owners already have a filter. Some dealers, however, make the error of NOT recommending using it in order to "close the deal." This is not a good idea.

 If you haven't installed one, it's not your fault if your dealer failed to inform you of its importance. However, you will still need one to protect your system. Learn more by clicking HERE.

We get calls from people who have outdoor furnaces that are 3 to 7 years old but need to replace all of their heat exchangers at a high expense. This could have been prevented if they had a filter. This is one of the most important outdoor wood boiler parts for installation and maintenance.

Secret Killer

But the good news is... it's not yet too late!

If you don't have a filter, you can still install one to your existing system now easily! This will reverse the damage being caused by sediment, and clean up your outdoor wood burning boiler system perfectly!

With this Filter Kit Assembly that we have prepared for you, we have made your task easier! The Outdoor Boiler Filter Kit (PEX) is a pre-assembled kit of all the components needed to protect an outdoor wood boiler system from failure due to sediment build-up using a high temperature-tolerant filtration system. 

 Outdoor Boiler Filter Kit

Every kit comes with simple instructions and a drawing to make the installation easier for you. To purchase one, go HEREOther filter replacement products are also available on our website. CLICK HERE.

A filter will enable you to Turn UP Your Thermostat and Still SAVE Money on your heating bills for decades with your outdoor wood boiler!

Naturally, outdoor wood furnaces will last longer. But it would still depend on how you take care of it through proper maintenance. You enjoy using your stove to heat your home, so ideally, you need to take good care of the things that are taking care of your family.

Our goal at is to assist families in achieving heating independence while also saving money.

So, do you need a filter for your outdoor wood furnace? Absolutely yes!

If you have any other questions, send us an email at or call our office at 231-861-8200 M-F 9 am to 8 pm EST. We'd look forward to hearing from you!

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Operating a Furnace FAQs:

  • Am I burning too much wood?

You may be. Is the wood properly seasoned? Have you cleared the firebox? High wood consumption can be caused by a number of factors.

  • If I don't use chemicals in the furnace water, what happens?

The water treatment coats the inside of your system and helps to slow down the development of rust and corrosion in your system.

  • Can I leave my furnace over the weekend?

You may have someone "feed" your outdoor wood burner for you or you may lower the thermostat temperature.


Maintenance FAQs

  • Why is water treatment important?

The chemical (water treatment) coats the inside of the furnace to reduce the effects of corrosion on the metal. Click HERE to order our Liquid Armor Water Treatment.

  • How often do I need to Inspect my Chimney/Flue

Inspect chimney and flue monthly and clean as needed. Clean chimney and flue annually. Perform cleaning and maintenance only when no fire is present in the firebox and ashes are cooled completely.

  • What is the Importance of Catalyst in my GX Series Furnace?

Without or a damaged catalyst in place, the furnace will produce more fine particulate emissions and may run less efficiently.



  • Why am I not getting hot water?

Check that the hot water system is connected properly. Check if the heat exchanger is partially or totally clogged.

  • Why does my furnace continue to burn when it is not operating?

Check the door seal, door adjustment, and solenoid.

  • What are the Common Pex Pipe Problems

Pex has its problems, however, and those should be understood when considering the piping.


Be the HERO to your family and Be Prepared so you can keep your family warm and save the expense of costly repairs.