Outdoor Boiler Filter Kit

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Sediment is the “Secret Killer” of all outdoor boiler systems. Roughly 98% of our customers install the Filter Kit, but those who do not have a very high pump failure rate, and their heat exchangers often get plugged and must be replaced at great cost. This Filter Kit will more than double the life expectancy of your outdoor boiler.

The Outdoor Boiler Filter Kit (PEX) is a pre-assembled kit of all the components needed to protect an outdoor wood boiler system from failure due to sediment build up using a high temperature-tolerant filtration system. This kit is the PEX version, and it contains all the fittings needed, along with the complete filter assembly, fittings, and bypass, but does not include short pieces of PEX which are typically supplied from leftover pieces from the installation process.

See the attached drawing for easy assembly. A copy of this is provided with each kit.

Read our article: "Why Your Heat Exchangers Will Soon Be Useless - If You Don't Have a Filter".

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