Fall Start-up Instructions For Your Furnace - AFTERBURNER (GH and HE Models Also)


Observe the following steps when starting the Afterburner™:

1. Observe all safety precautions.

2. Ensure that the installation has been completed properly.

3. Make sure the Afterburner™ is full of water. Verify this with the water level indicator AND by filling the Afterburner™ until water flows out of the vent tube on the roof peak.

4. Make sure the Afterburner™ water has been properly treated with Hawken authorized water treatment.

5. Open all valves. Allow 5 minutes for water to fill pump and system.

6. Turn on power and make sure pump is running. Never operate a Afterburner™ without the pump circulating water.

7. Make sure fan switch is operational. Fan switch is located on the side of the Afterburner™ inside the control box. Turn the fan switch to the ON position (up).

8. The Afterburner™ water temperature is controlled by an electronic temperature controller. The temperature controller comes set from the factory to 182°F high and 172°F low. The temperature controller will automatically control the blower to maintain the water temperature between this range under normal operation conditions.

9. Build a small fire in the primary firebox chamber, and allow Afterburner™ temperature to rise SLOWLY. If possible, use only charcoal coals from previously burned wood.

10. When the temperature reaches 170°F, the Afterburner™ is ready to be filled to capacity for full operation.