Fall Start-up Instructions For AFTERBURNER Outdoor Furnace

Fall Start-up Instructions For AFTERBURNER Outdoor Furnace


What is Afterburner Technology?

The Afterburner, or secondary burn chamber, can reach temperatures of 2000°F. Smoke is forced into this chamber where the carbon in the smoke is nearly completely consumed. When operating at full temperature, the only thing you should see coming from the chimney is water vapor.

Afterburner technology also includes the Fantom Injector System (FIS). This oxygen delivery system maximizes the efficiency, control, and safety of each afterburner furnace. With Fantom Injectors a fire burns from the bottom up so that your Afterburner will only burn as fast as you need heat.

Afterburner furnaces are EPA Step 1 certified and have received the best in class EPA emission ratings in America!

Follow the instructions below for the Fall Start-up!

Observe the following steps when starting the Afterburner™:

1. Observe all safety precautions.

2. Ensure that the installation has been completed properly.

3. Make sure the Afterburner™ Outdoor Wood Furnace is full of water. Verify this with the furnace water level indicator AND by filling the Afterburner™ until water flows out of the vent tube on the roof peak.

4. Make sure the outdoor wood boiler water has been properly treated with authorized Outdoor boiler water treatment - Liquid Armor Water Treatment.

5. Open all valves. Allow 5 minutes for the water to fill the boiler pump and system.

6. Turn on the power and make sure the circulating pump is running. Never operate an Afterburner™ Outdoor wood stove without the pump circulating water.

7. Make sure the fan switch is operational. The fan switch is located on the side of the outdoor wood burner inside the control box. Turn the fan switch to the ON position (up).

8. The Afterburner™ water temperature is controlled by an electronic temperature controller. The temperature controller comes set from the factory to 182°F high and 172°F low. The temperature controller will automatically control the blower to maintain the water temperature between this range under normal operating conditions.

9. Build a small fire in the primary firebox chamber, and allow Afterburner™ temperature to rise SLOWLY. If possible, use only charcoal coals from previously burned wood.

10. When the temperature reaches 170°F, the Afterburner™ is ready to be filled to capacity for full operation.

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