Unlock the Power of Your Outdoor Furnace: Take Control Now!

Unlock the Power of Your Outdoor Furnace: Take Control Now!
Unlock The Power of Your Outdoor Boiler
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If you are the type of person who likes to have total control over everything in your life, listen up…We can help you have a wonderful standard of living! If you like to create value, build wealth, and just have a great standard of living, UNLOCK the Power of Your Outdoor Boiler!

Just carefully read the first 8 pages of  "The Definitive Outdoor Boiler Guide", and you will have all the tools you need to have Total Control over your heating costs, your comfort, and your home value.

By following these guidelines, you will simplify the outdoor wood furnace ownership experience during each phase:

1. Start Up Water Treatment

2. Fall Start Up

3. Winter Easy Operations and Maintenance

4. Summer Shutdown Checklist

DID YOU KNOW...that if you use the wrong chimney extension, it will kill your outdoor wood boiler in as little as 18 months? This is true! 

DID YOU KNOW...that if you don't use the proper chemical treatment for your water, your outdoor wood stove steel will become paper-thin and useless? This is also true!

DID YOU KNOW...that thick layers of ash absorb moisture and this makes the ash like a caustic paste that will eat holes in your steel? Sadly, this is also true!

This "The Definitive Outdoor Boiler Guide" will help you avoid these and other dangers that will kill your boiler, and take away your independence. If you follow these simple steps, tips, and checklists, you will Keep Your Family Toasty Warm and Comfortable for Decades!

Emergency Preparedness Kit Products

All Outdoor Boilers are designed to outlast their electronics. The standard "Emergency Preparedness Kit" contains four items:

- Pump

- Blower Fan

- Solenoid

- High Limit Switch

The blower fan must be the correct size to match your boiler. 

In many cases, it is also advisable to have a spare Aquastat Controller on hand, particularly for GX Series Furnace owners.

Free Support and Fast Answers

With FREE Technical Support, our hundreds of videos, articles, operations & maintenance tips, and FREE Design Services, we guarantee that we will provide you the right answer to your question or solution to your problem."

Our Customer Promise

Customer support begins with a great customer service team. Our dedicated team is trained and experienced in all things outdoor boiler. You can always expect a human on the other end of the line. We know what’s important to you - your family, saving money, and keeping your house toasty warm - and we make that our highest priority.

Free Water Testing

One of the most important steps in prolonging the life of your outdoor boiler is to ensure that the water in your boiler is not corroding the steel. Water starts to eat holes in steel immediately upon contact (through rust corrosion) unless properly treated. We test your outdoor boiler water for free!

Free Design Service

Outdoor boiler systems and installations are complicated. There are many who claim to be experts, but have really only just installed a few. The experts at OutdoorBoiler.com will help you design your system will SAVE you money, time, and aggravation.

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