How Does a Unit Heater Work?


How Does a Unit Heater Work?

Imagine going into your garage or workshop on a cold morning. The cold seeps into every corner, making even easy tasks difficult because of the chill. Now, picture flipping a switch and within minutes, feeling the space transform from an icy cave into a warm, inviting haven. A unit heater can make garages and workshops comfortable to work in, regardless of the outside temperature.

What is a Unit Heater?

What is a Unit Heater?

A unit heater is a heating device that warms up specific areas like garages, workshops, or barns. These heaters are particularly useful in spaces where traditional heating systems might not reach or be practical to implement.

This is a small box with a heating system inside. It has a fan that turns on and off to maintain the desired room temperature according to your thermostat setting. A unit heater is a cost-effective solution for heating a specific area. It is different from central heating systems, which heat the whole building. Explore Unit Heater. Shop Now!

The Mechanics Behind Unit Heaters

The Mechanics Behind Unit Heaters

The process begins with the outdoor wood boiler heating water to a high temperature. This hot water is then circulated through pipes leading to the unit heater, strategically placed inside the garage, barn, or workshop that requires heating.

The unit heater contains a heat exchanger—a series of coils or panels through which the hot water from the wood boiler flows. As the water passes through, its heat is transferred to the metal surfaces of the exchanger. Then, the unit heater's fan kicks into action, blowing warm air across these hot surfaces. This air absorbs the heat and is propelled out into the room, raising the ambient temperature to a comfortable level.

A unit heater is controlled by a thermostat that turns on when the room needs heat. When the thermostat senses the need for heat, it turns on the fan motor; the fan blows air over the finned heat exchanger which warms the flowing air and raises the air temperature in the room.

The Ideal Choice for Shops and Garages

The Ideal Choice for Shops and Garages

For those who spend a significant amount of time in their workshops or garages, a unit heater is a necessary tool. Whether you’re a hobbyist working on a passion project in your shop or a professional mechanic needing a warm environment in your garage, a unit heater for the garage or shop ensures that your productivity isn’t hindered by the cold. Shop heaters and garage heaters are designed to withstand the rugged environment of these spaces, providing reliable and durable heating solutions. Heat Smarter. Click here.

Why Choose a Unit Heater?

Opting for a unit heater in your garage or workshop brings numerous benefits. Firstly, it allows you to work comfortably throughout the year, regardless of the weather. Secondly, unit heaters are energy efficient, especially when you only need heat in your workspace. It is considered energy efficient for several reasons:

Targeted Heating

1. Targeted Heating: One of the biggest perks of unit heaters is their ability to focus warmth right where it's most needed. Instead of cranking up the heat for the whole building like a central heating system does, you can use a unit heater to cozy up just the room or area you're in. This smart way of heating helps cut down on wasted energy big time.

Rapid Heating

2. Rapid Heating: Unit heaters are champs at getting a space toasty in no time. Thanks to their quick-action design, they heat a room swiftly, meaning they don’t have to stay on as long. This not only keeps you comfy quicker but also helps to lower energy usage.

3. Control and CustomizationControl and Customization: A great feature of many unit heaters is their customizable settings. With adjustable thermostats and various control options, you get to choose exactly how warm you want your space. This means you're using just the right amount of energy to keep things comfortable, without any excess.

4. Reduced Heat LossReduced Heat Loss: Unit heaters excel at concentrating warmth in a specific spot, which is super handy in cutting down heat loss. When you heat a big area or a whole building, especially if it's not well insulated, you can lose a lot of that warmth. But with a unit heater, you're heating just the space you're using, which means more heat stays put, saving energy where it might otherwise slip away.

Lastly, these heaters come in various sizes and types, allowing you to choose one that best fits your space’s specific heating needs.


Unit heaters are a straightforward yet highly effective solution for anyone looking to keep their workshop, garage, or any other specific area warm during the colder months. They provide targeted warmth, ensuring that your productivity and comfort aren’t compromised by the dropping temperatures. So, the next time you find yourself shivering in your workspace, remember that a unit heater could be the simple answer to turning your cold space into a warm and productive environment.

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