How To Clean Your Filter In 15 Seconds

Outdoor Furnace: How To Clean Your Filter In 15 Seconds

New Procedure Announcement!

You can now clean your filter in 15 seconds!  While you should still remove the filter cartridge and give it a good cleaning as needed, you can now flush sediment from your filter cartridge quickly and easily using this new method.

Under normal operation, your bypass is closed, and water flows through the filter as shown in Figure 1 below.  Note that water normally flows from the outside INWARD through the filter, so any sediment trapped by the filter will collect on the OUTSIDE of the stainless steel filter cartridge.

Figure 1
New Procedure Explained
Utilizing the new "QUICK-FLUSH" cleaning procedure, you simply do the following:

1. Open the bypass valve
2. Close Valve #1
3. Hold a bucket under the filter (to catch water and sediment flushed out)
4. Open the red valve at the bottom of the filter (see Figure 2 below)

Filter Kit Assembly Diagram

Figure 2

This procedure reverses the flow of water in the filter and forces water to flow from the inside out. Therefore, much of the sediment on the filter will flush out and flow into your bucket!

Maintaining a clean filter will extend the life of your boiler, and your heat exchangers!