How to Use AC Pro Rust Remover and Rust Preventer

How to Use AC Pro Rust Remover and Rust Preventer

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Rust Remover and Gel Bundle

Rust remover Gel

Rust Remover Gel

PREP FOR GEL: Remove all grease and large rust flakes from the surface to be treated with a brush or scraper. Use a pressure washer and de-greaser, a wire brush, or grinder when working on larger projects (car chassis, steel structures etc.).

APPLY: Use a brush to apply, apply a thick coat, DO NOT allow to dry, you may also use the Gel as a bath for small items.

LET STAND: Let the item rest for at least 20 - 30 minutes. We found that 45 - 60 minutes works the best, but if you have some serious rust you can allow the product to soak in for an additional hour but you must keep an eye on it. A minimum of 30 minutes is necessary for it to really start to do its work. DO NOT ALLOW TO DRY onto the surface you are treating, work in small to medium areas that you can control, when working on large surfaces make sure you go back frequently and not allow Pro-Rust GEL to dry, keep product thick and wet, in some occasions scrubbing gel into the surface with a brush and allowing to soak for an additional 15 minutes is helpful prior to rinsing off.

RINSE: Rinse the item with water. Use a brush to get into tight spots or if the surface is pitted. There is no need to be rough with the brush, just a light touch while rinsing will do.

FINAL CLEAN: The Gel is Phosphoric acid based, on some occasion, a light white dust will remain behind on the product. Simply wipe it off with a wet rag or brush. The dust is totally innocuous and has no effect on the skin.

TIPs: Since the gel is designed to stick to a vertical surface, you can just brush it on and let it drip. However, if you can catch the dripping product (we use a series of plastic tubs in our testing) you can reuse it a few more times making it last longer. Once the rust has been removed, the item will need to be painted or otherwise covered in order to protect the bare surface. We highly recommend the AC Pro-Tech Clear Coat products for total rust protection.

If you allow gel on concrete for too long, it will stain the concrete surface, when removing rust stains from concrete do not spray and walk away, if you forget about it you will come back to a dry white stain, you must keep the gel wet on concrete too, and rinse off before allowing it to dry.

AC Pro-Tech in aerosol or liquid

Rust Remover Spray

PREP FOR CLEAR: Remove all grease, debris, and large rust flakes from the surface to be treated. Use a pressure washer and de-greaser when possible on certain projects, a wire brush, or grinder if needed. Please remember unless you have already used AC Pro-Rust Gel or AC Pro-Rust Bath, to ALWAYS pre-treat the surface with a general purpose thinner to dissolve all surface oils and grease, allow to dry thoroughly before applying. In order for the Clear coat to properly adhere to the surface you wish to protect it must be able to bond to that surface.

APPLY: Apply the product in a well-ventilated area, make sure that the surface is cool and dry, you may apply AC Pro products as a base DTM (direct to metal) and then paint over or if you have a finished surface you can apply over a painted surface, our specialty coatings go on crystal clear and are self-leveling. For best results, ensure that the temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit and that the humidity is below 85%. whether using an HVLP gun, brush, or aerosol, sometimes when applying in cold or humid conditions the Clear Coat will turn milky when it goes on the surface, when this happens, please stop and allow the surface to properly dry and warm up, it will eventually turn clear, and you may move on to the next coat, if you apply follow up coats on a surface that has turned milky it will stay that way, NEVER use on energized equipment. Ensure there are no flames, high heat sources, or sparks nearby. This product is flammable! Keep it away from any source of combustion. When applying, make sure to use consistent and even strokes. Sometimes when the humidity is high and it's cold your product will not be dry to the touch for up to an hour, please make sure to wait the proper time before use. Remember AC Pro products dry to the touch quickly but will continue to cure for up to 15 days and reach maximum hardness. NOTE: when using an HVLP set up remove any inline paint filters, some top feed guns will have these and will clog the paint gun. DO NOT use etching primers over the coatings, etching primers have solvents that damage the coating.

LET STAND: Apply the first coat of the product and allow it to touch dry for no less than 15 minutes. Apply a second overlapping coat using the same even strokes and allow it to dry for 30 minutes before use or power is restored. The product will continue to cure and make a stronger protective coating for the next 15 days. Always make sure that product is dry to the touch, humidity and temperature will affect dry time, Product must be between 4 and 6 mills thick for proper protection.

INSPECT: Check your coated items periodically for any signs of damage and rinse with fresh water periodically. Excessive wear areas like handrails, boat cleats, steps, and other parts that get friction will see a thinning of the coating and require periodic re-application on the sear areas. External impacts and solvents may also damage the clear coat. A little touch up may be needed from time to time, many times this is just a matter of a quick clean and apply in place.

TIP: Your clear coat treated, plastics, bumpers, vehicle undercarriage, HVAC-R units, boilers, PCB’s, boats, trailers, gutters, hand rails, fiberglass, stainless steel fixtures and other items are now protected from rust, corrosion, salt, moisture, and UV light, it is your responsibility to periodically wash any salt or debris off with water from the protected surfaces, the more salt in the environment the more frequently you should give your items a rinse, but rinse at least 4 times per year. Remember to always use the proper product for your specific purpose. Do not apply it on windshields.  AC Pro-Clear can be used for plastic restoration and under car protection. This product's salt and moisture inhibitors have been proven more effective than other petroleum-based under coatings at rust prevention. If you apply clear to an area you did not intend to treat, you may use general purpose thinner to remove the Clear Coat. When using an HVLP gun make sure to do a test area to ensure you are getting the desired pattern and coverage, every gun has variations, we have used several brands and they all require a slightly different set up, but generally a #2 tip with a wide-open flow gives us the best results. This product is a strong Clear coat but is not intended as an automotive grade clear finish.



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