Think you are smart by saving a buck on underground pipe? Think again.

After 15 years in the industry, we have learned that one of the most important components of an outdoor boiler is the underground pipe. You should NEVER go cheap here.

When you put underground pipe in the ground, it should outlast all of us. 

Yet, some people still try to cut a few corners.  Consider these things:

1. If you save $1 per foot on underground pipe, you save $100 for a 100-foot run...great right? NOT IF YOU HAVE TO SPEND OVER $1,000.00 TO REPLACE IT IN A FEW YEARS! Don't buy "Do-Over Pipe".

2. The term "PEX" stands for Polyethylene Cross-linked. In the manufacturing process, PEX must be heated to 180 degrees for 24 hours so that the bonds in Polyethylene will form - this is how PEX gets its strength. HOWEVER, many Chinese manufacturers have shipped container loads of PEX to the US without completing the crosslinking process. That pipe will fail. Don't buy "Do-Over Pipe".

3. The outer casing must be white. This is our proprietary brand image and it signifies two things - First, the outer casing needs to be a very specific thickness and elasticity. Too thin will fail, and too thick can get brittle and crack. We have scientific proof of the exact thickness needed. Second, the white outer casing provides a safety feature...if the pipe is damaged in shipping or installation, the white turns to black and you are protected from installing a product that will fail quickly.

4. Some companies charge $12, $14, and even $18 per foot for underground pipe! They claim it is better...it is not. The experts in this industry all agree that these IMPORTED super high-priced pipes FAIL often, and cost way too much.

Why You Should Get Heat Mizer Pipe from OutdoorBoiler.com?

1.) We ONLY use American-made PEX. No thanks to "Do-Over Pipe".
2.) Our pipe comes with a full replacement warranty.
3.) We have sold over one million feet of underground pipe and we have had precisely ZERO failures!
4.) Our pipe has the lowest heat loss in the industry - less than one degree of heat loss over a 100-foot run!
5.) Our Heat Mizer pipe can be purchased direct at wholesale prices, and is by far the BEST QUALITY pipe available, and therefore the BEST VALUE!

You can watch this video to become an expert on Underground Pipe.
Our Heat Mizer pipe is protecting thousands of customers nationwide, giving them huge savings each year. We have learned a LOT about how to make the best underground pipe over the years and there is a lot of science to our pipe. Don't go cheap on the underground pipe.


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