Missing This Step Kills Your Chimney Cap Step 7 of 10 - 2019 Summer Shutdown Checklist

Why Cleaning Your OWN Chimney is Crucial

Your outdoor boiler owners manual states that each year you must REMOVE the chimney cap, and clean the inside of the chimney.

We recommend using a wire brush to clean the inside of the chimney, and then use a shop vac to remove all ash and creosote dust.

Unfortunately, this critical maintenance item is often overlooked. And then we get MANY calls from frantic customers who say...


A chimney cap this is NOT removed every year will be very difficult to remove.  It is not that they chimney cap is damaged in any way, but rather...

...the chimney cap becomes stuck and most customers have to hammer so hard on the cap to remove it, that it is destroyed.

This is because a thick layer of creosote has basically WELDED the chimney cap in place.

Even if it destroys your chimney cap to remove it, this STILL must be done -the chimney cap must be removed, the chimney must be cleaned and vacuumed out.

And since chimney caps are mandatory, if you have not done this, and you must destroy your chimney cap to remove it, new chimney caps are available by clicking this link HERE.

Just don't be that guy who says: "I don't need to clean out the inside of my chimney - I can ignore the owners manual!"

If you ignore this critical maintenance item, your furnace will die an early death!  Sometimes thick layers of ash and creosote form inside the chimney that eat through the steel of an outdoor boiler...PLEASE DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOUR OUTDOOR BOILER.

As always, our goal is to enable you to get the MAX life expectancy from your outdoor boiler! These important maintenance items are critical!

Coming Soon - Part 8!