Outdoor Wood Furnace: Routine Maintenance Items

Routine Maintenance Items

This "Routine Maintenance Items" and "Other Resources" are parts of your complete guide in owning an outdoor wood furnace. It is important to read our article "The Definitive Outdoor Wood Boiler Guide" before reading this routine maintenance items for the complete information.

Remember These Routine Maintenance Items:

1. Clean your filter. How often? Read more here.

2. Ash removal - yes, redundant, but critical. Read "When Does Ash EAT Holes In Outdoor Boiler Steel?"

3. Do the "Annual Sediment Flush". This is required every year (that you don't do a complete flush) because sediment is the "secret killer" of outdoor wood burners. Read more here.  

4. Follow the "Dry Burn" Method. This extends the life of your boiler, improves efficiency, and reduces the amount of wood needed for a toasty warm house. Read "Top 3 Reasons You Should Dry Burn Your Boiler" here.

5. Add One Creosote Stick Every Week. This new product is the BEST way to remove creosote - just toss one stick into the fire in your outdoor boiler, and in 24 hours, creosote will be eliminated! This improves efficiency, protects your steel and you burn less wood! Read about these handy little life-savers here.

6. Never Operate Your Outdoor Wood Stove at temps below 140 degrees. Water jacket temps below 140 degrees will build up thick layers of creosote, and create a cleaning nightmare. Watch this video: "3 Reasons To Keep Your Furnace Above 140 Degrees".

7. Keep Your Water Level Full. Water jacket levels should stay above the "ADD" level on your water level indicator. If you don't have a water level indicator on the top front vent tube of your boiler, get one here (for HE and GX models).

8. Confirm That Your Underground Pipe is NOT Losing Heat. You can burn an entire year of wood in just 45 days if your underground pipe is poorly insulated.  

Learn how to test for heat loss here. Then read "Losing Heat Underground? Stop WASTING Money!" 

Other Resources:

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