The Top 6 Ways You SAVE MONEY by Replacing Your Door Seal

The Top 6 Ways You SAVE MONEY by Replacing Your Door Seal
(Ultimate Summer Shutdown Checklist Part 5 of 10)

Why A New Door Seal Is Required
Every 2-3 Years

Your door gasket ("Fire Rope" or "Door Seal") on your outdoor boiler must be replaced typically every 2-3 years. This is a normal maintenance routine that we highly recommend so that you can keep you boiler healthy and efficient, and this also reduces your work load.

If your door seal is failing, AIR will leak into your boiler in the idle mode and this will cause the following problems:

- Reduced efficiency
- Wastes your precious wood fuel
- Increases your work load
- Possible furnace overheat
- Possible loss of water (and water treatment!) that must be replaced
- In rare cases, damage to overheated steel, particularly the door frame

Another problem with a leaky door seal is that in the firing mode, some of your heat will escape through the door seal, rather than sending those BTUs to your home.

The process of replacing your door seal is simple - Easy Instructions are available at our website by clicking HERE

Remember that the door seal replacement kit requires BOTH the fire rope, AND the high temp caulk. Both items are available by clicking HERE.

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