5 Ways to Maximize Your Savings for Your Outdoor Wood Boiler

5 Ways to Maximize Your Savings for Your Outdoor Wood Boiler

Saving money gives us FREEDOM! 

But do you ever wonder whether you are doing everything correctly with your outdoor wood furnace?

Here are the TOP 5 Ways to make sure you get the MAX savings from your outdoor boiler:

1. You wouldn't drive your car without oil, right? Yet some people don't use water treatment in their boiler.

Whenever water and steel touch, there is corrosion that begins INSTANTLY, unless the water is properly treated.

Our Liquid Armor Outdoor Boiler water treatment is formulated to protect your exact grade of steel in your outdoor boiler. 

To read more about what happens to an outdoor boiler that does not have water treatment, click HERE.

2. VERIFY that your outdoor furnace water is properly treated. Send a water sample to our Outdoor Boiler Lab for your FREE water test and analysis.

The results of this test will tell you what you need to do to make sure your water is properly treated. In most cases, the test results give peace of mind knowing that your outdoor wood burner is protected.

Click HERE for answers to every question possible regarding the FREE Water Testing Services, including:

- Why use water treatment?

- How much should I use?

- How do I collect the water sample?

- How do I get water sample bottles?

- Where do I send my water sample for FREE testing and analysis?

- And many more!

3. Ash Management - When it comes to this important maintenance item, remember LESS ASH IS BETTER. Some people allow deep layers of ash to build up in their furnaces. This first causes reduced efficiency, but then quickly destroys the steel.

NEVER allow ash to build up in your boiler deeper than three inches. Remove ash every few days, completely remove ALL the ash and scrape your firebox at least monthly. Proper ash maintenance is a key step to preventing the early death of your outdoor boiler!

4. Sediment Removal - Sediment buildup is the "Secret Killer" of outdoor boilers. But taking care of this is simple! Just open your drain valve once per year and allow the water to run clear.


Click HERE for more about this simple but important procedure.

5. Never Overfill Your Firebox - This is a critical point that many are not aware of: You should never OVERFILL your firebox with firewood. We call this "Topping Off" the boiler. (This is not about water, it is about putting too much wood in your firebox.) 

If you overfill your firebox, the furnace never completely dries out. All outdoor boilers MUST be run in a dry state every day to keep the steel protected. We call this the "Dry Burn" method.

To do this properly, don't overfill your firebox. Then DON'T ADD FIREWOOD to your firebox again until the previous load of firewood has burned down almost completely to ash. This gives the boiler several hours of burning with just hot dry coals.

If you "Top Off" your firebox with fresh firewood before the previous load of firewood has had a chance to burn down to coals, the furnace never burns dry. Again, all outdoor boilers MUST be burned in a dry burn state every day for several hours.

Click HERE for the complete article on this topic.


Owning an outdoor boiler is not that complicated. But these are just a few important things to remember!

If you follow these Top 5 Ways To MAX Your Outdoor Boiler Savings, your outdoor wood-burning boiler will run efficiently for decades, saving you thousands of dollars. This will make your life easier so you can have more fun!

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