Update: Will Trump Reverse Ban on Outdoor Boilers?

Will Trump Reverse Ban On Outdoor Boilers?
Fresh Insight!

We are looking out for YOU!  We are keeping a very close watch on the political scene for news on regulations that affect outdoor boilers.

We are often asked: "Will Trump reverse the ban on outdoor boilers?"
We have been able to identify 52 EPA rules (mostly from the "Obama-era") that are being rolled back. These include the following:

- Keystone pipeline
- Offshore drilling
- Hunting wolves in Alaska
- Coal
- Fracking
- Oil rigs
- And many more

But unfortunately, there has been no mention that we have seen of rolling back the EPA's rules on wood burning. As we have reported before, we have significant doubts that Trump will reverse the ban on outdoor boilers, mostly because of the following reasons:

1. Outdoor boiler owners are not well represented in congress
2. There are no large organizations representing us - we are mostly ignored
3. The lobbyists for oil companies, coal, fracking, etc. spend MUCH more money than we do

BUT THERE IS HOPE!! We are very optimistic because we know that we can all keep our outdoor boilers and wood burning devices. And as long as we maintain them, they will last for decades!

And if we stay together, and work together, we may be able to help Washington see the light, and take back our freedom to burn wood in responsible ways.

We want to welcome all new members of the Outdoorboiler Family!  You are now part of a fast-growing group of very wise men and women who save money by burning wood fuel.  We pride ourselves on being independent, patriotic, and hard-working. We are an important part of the backbone of America. As we stay together, we will work hard to defend our freedom to burn wood, and protect our liberties.  We warmly welcome you to our family.

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