Want Your Outdoor Furnace To Last For 20 Years?

Want Your Outdoor Furnace To Last For 20 Years?

How To Protect Your Furnace With Outdoor Boiler Certified Liquid Armor Water Treatment

We all want to get the most savings from our investment in our Outdoor Wood furnace. It was a big investment! And we want it to last for 20 years or more, and save us money on our heating bills the whole time.

Why should I use Water Treatment?

But remember that any time steel and water come in contact, there is the possibility of corrosion. Outdoor Boiler Certified Liquid Armor water treatment has been specifically formulated to protect the exact grade of steel in ALL brands of furnaces. So your small efforts now to protect your investment in your outdoor wood stove will pay off for decades! 

What happens if I don't use Water Treatment?

You have made a major investment in your Outdoor Wood Burning Boiler. Just like when you purchased your car, you made this big investment expecting to get many years of benefit from it. Of course, you would never drive your car without oil in the engine... But yet some people are killing their wood boilers by operating them without applying proper corrosion inhibitors to protect the steel from rust and corrosion.

Untreated boiler water will start to eat holes in steel immediately upon contact UNLESS the water is properly treated with a special wood boiler water treatment that has been formulated to protect the exact grade of steel in your furnace - Liquid Armor Outdoor Boiler Water Treatment.

This is bad news because if you don't use the proper water treatment, your boiler steel will quickly corrode and become paper-thin. Then, in just a short time, the steel will deteriorate and begin to leak, and your investment will be lost. It would be like buying a new car, and driving it without oil in the engine...it is only a matter of time and the investment will be worthless.

Here is some good news: If you have not been using the proper water treatment, it is never too late to start protecting your investment!! Start now and extend the life of your outdoor wood boiler!

How Much Should I Use?

Follow the instructions on the Water Treatment bottle, but generally, one gallon of water treatment will treat 200 gallons of water. This is a generalization, however, because water quality is very different in different parts of the country, the exact amount of water treatment you will need in your furnace will depend upon many factors - this is why you need to submit your water sample for FREE water testing.

Why Should I Submit a Water Sample?

Our Laboratory has expensive testing equipment that provides a sophisticated analysis of your boiler water. Those test results are then run through a computer algorithm that provides you with a customized report so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your investment is properly protected.

If your water test results are "UNSATISFACTORY", this algorithm will give you specific instructions on what needs to be done. In some cases, more water treatment is needed, and in other cases, some sediment may need to be flushed from your outdoor wood burner system.

Regardless, you will be provided specific and simple instructions on what steps to take.

Watch this video for the complete water treatment procedure!

Free Water Testing

One of the most important steps in prolonging the life of your outdoor boiler is to ensure that the water in your boiler is not corroding the steel. Water starts to eat holes in steel immediately upon contact (through rust corrosion) unless properly treated. We test your outdoor boiler water for free!

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Watch this VIDEO for simple instructions for the proper water treatment procedure and protect your investment:

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