Want Your Hawken Furnace To Last For 20 Years? Watch This VIDEO!

We all want to get the most savings from our investment in our Hawken furnace. It was a big investment! And we want it to last for 20 years or more, and save us money on our heating bills the whole time.

But remember that any time steel and water come in contact, there is the possibility of corrosion. Hawken Certified Liquid Armor water treatment has been specifically formulated to protect the exact grade of steel in your Hawken furnace. So your small efforts now to protect your investment in your furnace will pay off for decades!  

If you have not properly treated your furnace water, IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO START NOW! 

Watch this VIDEO for simple instructions on how to protect your investment:

How To Protect Your Furnace With Hawken Certified Water Treatment