Why Chimney Extensions MUST Be Insulated

The Single FASTEST Way To Destroy
Your Outdoor Boiler...

...is having an UNINSULATED Chimney Extension on your boiler.

You see, all wood contains moisture - even the most seasoned hardwood contains about 20% water. As the wood burns, that water exits the furnace harmlessly in the form of steam. BUT, if you have an uninsulated chimney extension, then the exhaust COOLS on its way out, and the steam condenses on the inside of the chimney, and forms the most caustic creosote which drips back down into your boiler and eats through the steel. NOT GOOD!

The solution is simple - if you need a chimney extension, make sure you have a Triple Wall Insulated Extension. This prevents the exhaust from cooling as it exits the boiler! No condensation, no creosote, NO WORRIES!

Chimney Extensions
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All of us at Outdoor Boiler Care have chimney extensions on our furnaces - MANY customers do too. The big advantage is that it just gets the smoke away. Outdoor boilers don't produce too much smoke, but an extension just gets the smoke up and away. Very nice!

If your outdoor boiler is near or under a roof, you must extend the chimney above the roof using only an INSULATED chimney extension. Learn more about chimney extensions from OutdoorBoiler.com at this link HERE

All boiler experts agree that only triple wall insulated chimney extensions should be used. Our products have a perfect safety record of protecting outdoor wood boilers and providing years of service.

If you have any questions about your state requirements, or would like us to help you with your customized application, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US! You can reach our experts by clicking HERE.

Remember that you must use the proper diameter extension - they come in several sizes, but the most common are 6" and 8" diameter. Most extensions are 48" long. 

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