Will Trump Reverse EPA Ban on Outdoor Boilers?

Will Trump Reverse EPA Ban On
Outdoor Boilers?

Many people are asking if President Trump will reverse the EPA's ban on outdoor boilers. The answer is simple considering the following factors:
  1. Was this a campaign promise? (Not specifically)
  2. Will Republicans gain any votes by reversing the ban? (No)
  3. Is this something President Trump's team think they should spend political capital on? (Not likely)
  4. How big is the group of outdoor boiler voters? (Not big enough)
  5. How much lobbyist funding is coming from the "outdoor boiler lobby"? (Almost none)
Short Answer - NO
Given the above factors, the short answer is "NO", President Trump will not end the EPA ban on outdoor wood boilers.

While Candidate Trump talked about dialing back EPA regulations in general during the campaign, there are literally thousands of EPA regulations that will remain untouched. The regulations the Trump administration will target are those having the greatest impact on jobs and the economy, and wood boilers do not factor into that.

Outdoor boiler owners are generally a conservative group who will vote republican on many other principles, regardless of their ability to burn wood. A liberal administration is a much bigger threat to more NEW wood burning regulations, so very few (if any) conservative wood boiler owners would vote for a democrat if President Trump does not reverse the ban. 

Therefore it is easy to see why President Trump will not spend his political capital on this tiny EPA regulation. He could surprise us all, but there just are no new votes, or campaign funds supporting that effort.  This is sad to say, but we must face the reality of the world we live in.

President Trump may not push the EPA to ENFORCE this regulation, similar to how President Obama allowed certain states to violate federal marijuana laws without any consequences. But that would be temporary, because nobody can predict the behavior of a future liberal administration.

New outdoor boiler installations that violate the EPA regulations (because they were installed after the January 1, 2016 cut-off date, for example) could face huge fines and penalties, and even possible confiscation by a future EPA that is emboldened by some future liberal democrat occupying the White House. 

Most people will not take the risk. And precisely zero smart companies will take the risk of manufacturing such products because this would be a very short term business model. And no banks would finance a business plan that violates federal laws.

What Can I Do?
We strongly encourage all outdoor boiler owners to operate and maintain their outdoor boilers so that they last forever. The current rules allow existing outdoor boilers to remain in place until they reach their end of life...

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