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Worried About Rust?

Worry no more! There are two powerful solutions to combat these threat!

You can breathe easy and say goodbye to the scourge of rust as we introduce you to the best rust remover and rust preventer for all your steel surfaces!


Remove and Protect!

Experience the ultimate shield against rust and corrosion with this powerful duo of products, ensuring your metal stays brilliantly shiny like never before!

Protect Your Outdoor Wood Boiler!

Your outdoor furnace is a vital part of your heating system, making your home toasty warm and comfortable for decades. However, with exposure to the elements, rust and corrosion can become your furnace's worst enemies.

Experience complete rust cleanup and long-lasting protection for your outdoor wood furnace with our Total Rust Remover Gel and Protection Kit! Even if it's been around for over 20 years, your outdoor wood boiler can stay shiny and new.

First, use the AC Pro-Rust Remover Gel to clean it up, and then apply AC Pro-Tech for long-lasting protection. Your boiler will not only look fantastic but also stay in top shape for years to come!

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How to Use AC Pro-Rust and Pro-tech

Since the gel is designed to stick to a vertical surface, you can just brush it on and let it drip. However, if you can catch the dripping product (we use a series of plastic tubs in our testing) you can reuse it a few more times making it last longer. Once the rust has been removed, the item will need to be painted or otherwise covered in order to protect the bare surface. We highly recommend the AC Pro-Tech Clear Coat products for total rust protection.

If you allow gel on concrete for too long, it will stain the concrete surface, when removing rust stains from concrete do not spray and walk away, if you forget about it you will come back to a dry white stain, you must keep the gel wet on concrete too, and rinse off before allowing it to dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the TOP Rust removal and prevention system?

The top rust removal and prevention system is the AC-PRO Rust Remover and Rust Preventer. This advanced formula is designed to effectively remove rust and provide long-term protection against future corrosion. Learn more about its application and benefits here.

How can I prevent rust long term?

To prevent rust long term, the recommended approach is to use the AC-PRO Rust Remover and Rust Preventer. This system not only removes existing rust but also creates a protective barrier to prevent future corrosion. The detailed guide on how to use this product for long-term rust prevention can be found here.

What is the world's leading rust removal product?

The world's leading rust removal product highlighted is the AC-PRO Rust Remover and Rust Preventer. Renowned for its efficacy, this product is designed to efficiently remove rust while offering long-lasting protection against rust formation. Explore its features and application instructions here.

What are long-term rust prevention methods?

Long-term rust prevention methods are outlined in the guide on how to use the AC-PRO Rust Remover and Rust Preventer. This includes the application process and the formation of a protective layer that acts as a shield against future rust and corrosion. Delve into the comprehensive information providedhereto ensure effective, lasting rust prevention.

How frequently should I use AC Pro-Rust for rust removal?

You can use AC Pro-Rust as needed, especially if you observe rust buildup in your outdoor furnace. Follow the product's instructions for optimal results.

Is AC Pro-Tech environmentally friendly?

Yes, AC Pro-Tech is formulated to be environmentally friendly while delivering robust rust protection for your furnace.

Can I use AC Rust Pro and AC Pro-Tech together?

Certainly, using both products in tandem provides comprehensive rust management for your outdoor furnace, ensuring peak performance.

Will these products work on an aging outdoor furnace with extensive rust?

AC Pro-Rust is designed to address deep-seated rust, making it effective for older furnaces. AC Pro-Tech aids in preventing further corrosion.

Where can I purchase AC Pro-Rust and AC Pro-Tech?

You can find these products at

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